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Hayley Alloway

Despite a very discouraging first yoga classes, Hayley felt compelled to give yoga another chance. Finding Mimi Loureiro’s studio and the practice of Ashtanga yoga was life changing! Hayley dedicated herself to the study of yoga and enjoyed every minute of it. She earned her first teacher training in 2002 at O2 yoga in the US.

Of course, life doesn’t always go as planned and Hayley kept being pulled away from her practice but other responsibilities. No matter what though, the allure of her practice would always bring her back home.

After many years of practicing on and off, Hayley found her way to Nova Yoga and once again returned to her practice and ultimately teaching. This time as a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher with a focus on Core Strength. Training with Melanie Caines and Helena Butler was a true gift and she has been enjoying both Vinyasa Flow teaching and practicing, revisiting her roots with Ashtanga Yoga, and broadening her horizons with Acro Yoga.

Hayley hopes to attend an Acro Yoga teacher training in the future and continue to build her knowledge and skills as a Vinyasa Flow teacher.

You can find Hayley on her mat with Nova Yoga and through private yoga classes.