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Andrea Porter

Andrea Porter Andrea is the co/owner of The Pine Loft Yoga Community and feels deeply blessed to share this adventure with one of her soul sisters, Danielle Flynn.

Andrea is a lover of life and people, a seeker, a student of life, and believes with her whole heart that kisses, hugs, and unconditional love can make the world a more kinder and accepting place. She believes that yoga is accessible to everyBODY! She always encourages her students to “find what feels good in their bodies!” and to explore movement in a different way. It is her hope that her all encompassing classes will help every individual to connect to their breath, body, and mind. She is committed to honouring every individual’s search for personal growth and their desire to be well. She teaches her classes with compassion, a sense of humour and playfulness, and an upmost respect for every beautiful soul that joins her on this journey, on and off the mat. Andrea is deeply grateful to all of her teachers and friends from Nova Yoga Studio in St. John’s NL, Stephanie Calhoun of Satori Yoga, Lauren Hanna and Tracy Mohr of Sonic Yoga,, for their guidance and wisdom. Andrea is currently completing her 500 hour program with Tiffany Cruikshanks of Yoga Medicine(TM) and her Yoga Detour(TM) teacher training to continue to learn and grow, always following the path of the student.

What Andrea loves most about teaching yoga: Connection. Being given the gift to connect with and witness the subtle and profound changes that yoga makes in the lives of others. Why she became a yoga teacher: To connect with herself and others and to find more balance in her life, on all levels. Her favourite pose and why: Savasana. It gives you the ability to absorb the benefits of the practice. The rising/waking up from the pose symbolizes new beginnings for her. It is a gentle reminder that, in her words, “every day, every hour, every moment, every breath, is an opportunity to begin again.”