That’s Not Nothing

It is the beginning of a new calendar year and we are all taking stock. In the not for profit and advocacy world, it gets confusing. What have we accomplished so far and what is our next move? How do we stay relevant in the coming season?

I, for one, fall easily into the big picture and a person can drown in there. The issue is too big, there’s too much, the walls are too looming and unkind and I can’t do this.

Seeing the trees from the forest

There were portions of this year when I got very close to politics and I really thought we were getting somewhere. But if I learned anything from politics, it’s that politics doesn’t care. So I have come full circle with this.

We started this little organization because of people. Because people, not politics, can do anything. We can end the stigma. We can break the silence. We can change the system.

Politics can make it difficult for us but every time the dust settles, we are still here.

We are still here.

Amelia Speaks at the British Columbia Canadian Mental Health Association.

Standing Still and Running

On a personal note, I find myself standing still this winter, which is far more delightful than it sounds. Like a lot of people, I struggle without a schedule. Left to my own devices, I daydream.

And living with anxiety, depression, and addiction, daydreaming can spell the end of you. So I have adopted a motto – which is a bit embarrassing.

I’ve never been one for pithy inspirational things; the world is full enough of kittens holding onto tree branches.

But I find I am saying the same thing to myself everyday now:
That’s not nothing.

Personal struggle; Public Problem

The big picture has become too much for me. But I’m going to win the war. While our provincial governments carry on flexing their muscle with our federal government (more to come in my next column), and another Bell Let’s Talk clamours by, there are those of us here on the ground, waiting for change to trickle down.

But if we avert our eyes from the big impossible picture, we all have a community that both needs us and is there for us. We can build on that.

And that’s not nothing.

My Resolution

Let’s take care of each other and strengthen our community resources in 2017. Email us. We can help.


P.S. Do stay in touch. This year we are writing more and we have some new friends making our next exciting project happen. As well we will post some new videos with the Stella’s Circle Inclusion Choir and soon we will finally reach the summit of The Great T-Shirt Debacle of 2016 (I promise there’s a great story behind that and we want you to be a part of it)!