Show them It’s Mental

The past six months I have found myself equal parts excited and overwhelmed. At times, outright enraged.
I have been looking for a magic answer, something I can throw the curtain off of, shine a light on, and everyone would be alright. I have been dabbling in utopian idealism.

What is it that changes the world? A totem, a song, a cog in the machine slightly out of sync. An independent action otherwise minuscule and innocent in its’ nature. One ripple effect after another.

We are representing the homeless, the imprisoned, the forgotten, and the compromised. Our defence is gentle but immovable. Our defence coaxes discussion but will not take No for an answer. And they may not see us coming or hear us softly gathering in the corners of society, but one day soon we will be all around, as numerous as sand.

We are going to change the world, and we are going to do it with a T-shirt.

Join the campaign, and show them it’s mental. We’ll be popping up all over the place this year, so keep in touch on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll see you soon.

In Solidarity,