A Hand Up

When I was a young artist I applied for a lot of grants. I liked the whole process, I liked describing all the wonderful things I was going to do and I liked the idea of paying crafts people a wage for their wonderful services and skills.

All That You Can Dream


When you imagine there is going to be money, you get excited, motivated, and your imagination begins to produce. Very plainly, in your own mind, you begin to spend the money.

But months down the road (long, long months, and an even longer road), the money does not arrive. That money was never for you and all the wonderful things you were going to do.

How it Goes …

I was an arrogant young artist though, and I produced works anyway. Nobody got paid for their wonderful services and skills and I went deeper into debt – financially and otherwise. Creative people drifted away from me because I inspired and utilized, but then floundered and offered no tangible result.

The World, Running on Good People

When I started It’s Mental I dreamed it would run itself. That we were creating a juggernaut of human compassion that would no longer wait, would no longer be pushed aside, would no longer accept “action plans” masquerading around like it is actually any kind of action.

My heart breaks when it comes down to money. I cannot stand it.

I want the world to run on good people. I pour all my understanding into the universe, but the damn thing keeps running on money.

Can you help?

We want to do good and we CAN. I know we can, but we can’t do it without support. We’re working on several exciting fundraisers, and now have a corporate sponsorship program, but we’re still short on cash and big on compassion.

So with this in mind, we ask you to please help. Please help if you can. Click the donate button because, while the world will continue to run on money, we will continue to thrive on compassion.

Thank you,