Well, friends, it has been a little over eight years since we started this conversation. We’ve been through a lot, and I’ve been wanting to touch down, see how you’re doing, let you know how we’re doing. So … hi. How are you?

We hit the ground running in 2014, if you remember it. We made videos, we made
commercials, we made T-shirts and mailed them everywhere under the sun, we rallied and won a few political steps, we were there to form the all party committee and earned ourselves a trusted seat on the provincial Recovery Council, on various boards, panels, committees, we’ve been interviewed, consulted, hired, and generally waved about. We wanted to start a conversation and we wanted to WALK the TALK. And that conversation does not cease today.

We also sang. A lot. Of Motown hits. But anywaaaay.

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador the remodelling of mental healthcare continues. It’s only natural this is quite a political beast. But by merit of it being such a political animal, combined with myself (it’s me, Amelia, hi, what’s up) being a regular sort of human, I find myself, at times, having completely lost the plot. I do not know if I will live long enough to see my health and wellness de-politicized. I do not know if I should. I do think there ought to be a middle ground between control and relinquishment, and I have always believed we can be more empowered to truly take care of each other. So, to that end, I have a proposal for you.

It’s Mental has one small but mighty purpose now. We are here to assist you, however we can, in becoming a certified mental health first aid instructor. Links to the available courses are – Here. This education may be either cost prohibitive or a geographical challenge, so write to us, tell us what you need, and we will help make it happen.

If you are someone drawn to this idea, you are likely to be mildly entrepreneurial and comfortable speaking in front of small groups. You probably have lived experience with mental health realities. You could be anyone, from anywhere. Only you will know if it’s YOU. Let us help. (We like YOU a lot.)

Remember, too, that we are the metaphorical choir here. There are so many who have not had the conversations we have had, who have not heard the stories, who have not had the struggle nor the privilege, of sitting in the front row of understanding. We grow tired of talking. But we have to keep talking.

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