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The Great T-Shirt Debacle of 2016

I’m not sure who came up with the idea, but what an idea it was! A T-shirt. A humble piece of cloth you slap on your body that can make a big statement. We’ll order a few hundred and give them away at events and festivals. We’re going to give away a few hundred T-shirts!…

amelia talks BCCMHA

That's Not Nothing

It is the beginning of a new calendar year and we are all taking stock. In the not for profit and advocacy world, it gets confusing. What have we accomplished so far and what is our next move? How do we stay relevant in the coming season? I, for one, fall easily into the big…


Reflecting on A Hero's Journey

Upon the news of Carrie Fisher’s death, I paused. Thinking first “what a year.” Thinking secondly, “what a hero.” Carrie Fisher fought for us, against the stigmas of mental illness and addiction. Before the advocacy groups, before the online communities, and before the corporate campaigns popped up like goodwill fanfare; Carrie Fisher was speaking before…